Lost Ark: Best Sorceress Chaos Dungeon Build

Building a powerful character in Lost Ark can be difficult. This guide shows players how to build the best Sorceress build.

July 18, 2022

The Sorceress is one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark since launch day. Not only is it a very fun class to play but it can also be quite forgiving by being able to cast elemental spells at enemies from a fairly long range. However, some players may find it difficult to play due to it having very low defensive capabilities. If you’re just starting out with a new Sorceress or are looking to optimize your Chaos Dungeon clearing speed, look no further, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve tested multiple skills and builds in order to make this guide, and the main focal point of this build relies on a lesser-known engraving. It is often overlooked in other forms of content, but the Preemptive Strike Combat Engraving is one of the best choices to make in Chaos Dungeons. (Jump to more detailed explanation)


Skills To Use In Chaos Dungeons As A Sorceress

For skill selection there are 3 key factors at play in this particular build:

  1. Can this skill kill the target in one hit?
    • If the ability cannot kill a normal monster in one hit, it is lower on the priority list of skills.
  2. How often can it be used?
    • Skills with short cooldowns that deal less damage are generally used for Normal enemies, whereas skills that have long cooldowns and deal more damage are meant for Named, Challenge, and Boss-type enemies
  3. Single Hit Tripod Variations
    • Certain skills are also selected based on whether or not their overall damage is further improved by their tripod’s single-hit damage and speed.

Here’s a table detailing which Sorceress skills to choose as well as a brief description of the purpose of that skill. The skills below are sorted by which target they perform well against (in order of lowest to highest HP: Normal, Named, Challenge, Boss).

NormalIce ShowerAgile Cast
Wide Angle Attack
Frost Zone
Quick RechargeA short cooldown skill that clears Normal enemies around the player.
Normal, NamedReverse GravityWide Angle Attack
Lava Area
Jungle’s Law
GalewindA medium cooldown skill that clears Normal enemies around the player and deals high damage.
NormalLightning Bolt*Paralyze
Enhanced Strike
Branched Lightning
RageThis skill can be used to cheese the game. Tap the skill to deal damage to normal enemies and trigger a short global cooldown instead of the full cooldown.
Normal, NamedInfernoRift Acceleration
Charge Flame
Firepower Supplement
GalewindA medium cooldown skill that clears Normal enemies and deals medium damage.
N/AElegian’s TouchTide’s Fury
Swift Footwork
Quick RechargeShield skill to absorb damage to help mitigate damage during longer casts and save Silver or Phoenix Plumes in case of accidental death.
Challenge, BossPunishing StrikeWide-Angle Attack
Unavoidable Fate
Final Strike
GalewindA High damaging skill; used to clear anything higher than normal enemies. Unavoidable Fate is chosen as you can line up multiple Challenge type monsters and hit them in a straight line.
Challenge, BossDoomsdayIgnite
Final Strike
GalewindThe Highest damaging skill; is used to clear anything higher than normal enemies.

Preemptive Strike Combat Engraving

The first interesting thing to note in this build is that it relies on the Combat Engraving Preemptive Strike. This engraving alone dramatically speeds up clearing Chaos Dungeon, the Cube, Tower event, and many other open areas of the game. You will definitely want to prioritize this engraving if you are a fresh level 50. That being said, it is generally useless in Boss encounters (Guardian Raids, Boss Rush, Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids).

Sorceress Utilizing Preemptive Strike in a Chaos Dungeon

The Preemptive Strike Engraving guarantees a critical hit to challenge or lower monsters with full HP. This is particularly useful in Chaos Dungeons and the Cube where most of those enemies will be Challenge or Lower. With Preemptive Strike, most skills only count the first hit as the guaranteed crit. There are some exceptions, however, where if multiple hits occur simultaneously they may all count.

  • Lv. 1: When attacking Challenge or lower monsters with full HP, your attack is a guaranteed crit with +30% Damage.
  • Lv. 2: When attacking Challenge or lower monsters with full HP, your attack is a guaranteed crit with +80% Damage.
  • Lv. 3: When attacking Challenge or lower monsters with full HP, your attack is a guaranteed crit with +160% Damage.

In general, the vast majority of damage will be coming from Preemptive Strike Crits so the remainder of your engravings matters little. You will want to obtain Level 3 of this engraving to maximize the damage output of your skills. This can be obtained rather cheaply by acquiring 9-point Epic Engravings Recipe books and pairing that with an Ability Stone with a minimum of 6 Power Node Points, preferably with a secondary engraving in the next section. These are both usually very cheap to find in the Auction House.

Engravings Priority For Chaos Dungeons

For the Sorceress, here are the engravings you can prioritize for Chaos Dungeons using the Preemptive Strike build:

  • #1: Preemptive Strike
    • Guaranteed Crit on challenge type or lower monsters with full HP.
  • #2: Igniter or Reflux
    • Class Engraving of your choice; Igniter has a higher overall damage potential through the use of the Magick Amplification skill. Whereas Reflux maintains higher Crit damage, which this build focuses on.
  • #3: Keen Blunt Weapon
    • Increase Crit Damage; a chance for reduced damage.

Here are the engravings that are supplementary to the Sorceress class in general.

  • All-Out Attack
    • Increase Holding and Casting Skill speed and damage.
  • Hit Master
    • Increase Damage of attacks that are not Back or Frontal Attacks.
  • Grudge*
    • Increase Damage given and received (*only advisable at Level 3).
  • Cursed Doll*
    • Increase Damage given and reduced healing received (*only advisable at Level 3).

Sorceress Gem Priority In Chaos Dungeons

As detailed in the skills chart above, Ice Shower is the most used skill, therefore you will want both Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction gems in this build. Secondly, if you choose to go the route of spamming Lightning Bolt, only the Damage Gem is necessary, as the Cooldown Reduction Gem will not provide any benefit. Here’s a list of the Gems you should prioritize for Chaos Dungeons.

  • #1: Ice Shower Damage
  • #2: Ice Shower Cooldown
  • #3: Lightning Bolt Damage
  • #4: Doomsday Damage
  • #5: Doomsday Cooldown
  • #6: Punishing Strike Damage
  • #7: Punishing Strike Cooldown
  • #8: Reverse Gravity Damage
  • #9: Reverse Gravity Cooldown
  • #10: Inferno Cooldown
  • #11: Inferno Damage

Stat Allocation

Stat allocation comes from the Accessories (Necklace, Earring, and Rings). Stats to focus on are generally defined by the class engraving chosen. It is not economical to have an entirely different set of Accessories for Chaos Dungeons. Sorceress’s using the Igniter class engraving should focus on Specialization, followed by Crit and then Swiftness. Sorceress’s using the Reflux class engraving should focus on Crit, followed by Swiftness.

Tripod Skill Tree Effects

Later on, in Tier 3, you gain access to gear that can increase the level of individual Tripods for each skill. Simply transfer the tripods that you use to your gear and don’t forget to save them in your Tripod inventory! There are multiple pages of presets you can use to optimize your tripod levels depending on the content you choose to complete.

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