Destiny 2 Solstice Day 2022: How to Upgrade Event Card & Armor

Event Card is a your hub for Solstice activities, rewards, and

July 19, 2022

Destiny 2 Solstice Day event introduces Event Card as a brand new organizer for the event, that will let you track your progress through the event activities and rewards.

When the Solstice Day event begins on July 19 at the weekly reset time, you can check out your Event Card by either navigating to its own tab through the Quests menu in the Director, or simply by interacting with Eva Levante in the Tower.

Your Destiny 2 Solstice Event Card includes all challenges and activities you can complete during the Solstice event. Also, it includes all tiers of rewards that you can either earn for free by completing challenges or get them by upgrading your Event Card. Completing challenges will also add Event Tickets to your balance but you can only use them once you upgrade your Event Card.


How to Upgrade Event Card

In order to upgrade your Event Card, you need to spend 1000 Silver. The moment you upgrade the Event Card, you will instantly receive a bundle of rewards, including Exotic Ghost Shell as well as a new Hot Dog Eating emote.

After upgrading, you can spend Event Tickets to unlock even more rewards, which makes it reasonable to take part in event activities and start the grind for Event Tickets.

How Armor Upgrading Works

When it comes to upgrading armors, Bungie has introduced three different in-game currencies, but only two of the currencies can actually change your armor stats.

So, you will have Silver Leaves as the lowest value currency, then you have Silver Ash that is used to reroll the armor stats, and finally, there is Kindling which is the ultimate currency to upgrade the armor stat roll potential.

Now, the only use of Silver Leaves is the fact they are the initial material to get Silver Ash. You need to earn Silver Leaves, and then do certain activities to transform them into Silver Ash.

Now, here is how you can earn each one of the currencies, as per Bungie:

  • Silver Leaves:
    • Earn Silver Leaves by completing activities throughout the game. 
  • Silver Ash:
    • Transform Silver Leaves into Silver Ash by completing the new activity: Bonfire Bash. 
    • Spend Silver Ash to reroll armor stats from the armor mod screen.
  • Kindling:
    • Earn Kindling by completing Solstice Event Challenges. 
    • Spend Kindling to upgrade your armor stat roll potential, each piece of armor can be upgraded three times (three tiers). 
    • You only need to do this once per armor slot. Every time you upgrade a piece of Solstice armor, it is permanent and shared across all pieces for that slot. So, if you upgrade a helmet all the way to Tier 3, every Solstice helmet currently in your inventory and any future helmets you earn for that class can now access Tier 3 stat rerolls.

If you fully upgrade a piece of armor with kindling, it will begin to glow, but you can also pay for the glow effect if you don’t have enough time to grind.

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