Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan's Time Travel Powers Explained


Can Kamala Khan time-travel? The latest episode reveals all.

July 6, 2022

Ms. Marvel has taken giant strides in recent episodes. The story had been sailing smoothly while Kamala was in New Jersey, but things change after she visits Pakistan, the place that holds secrets to the mysterious bangle and her great-grandmother, Aisha. After reaching Pakistan, Kamala meets people who are new to her but hold an old relationship with the bangle and her family.

Although Kamala has been seeing the visions connected to her family’s past often, it was unclear what they meant until this point. But the new episodes of Ms. Marvel, released on Disney Plus, have been answering a lot of questions. A family trip that was supposed to be a vacation and a family gathering was a breakthrough for Kamala to explore more about her powers, family, and herself.


Desperate to get the bangle, Najma, along with other members of the Clandestine, reach Pakistan, and starting tracking down Kamala. Waleed explains to Kamala about Clandestine and Aisha and how they belong to another realm. He also tells her about the Clandestine’s motive to obtain the bangle. Without wasting any more time, Clandestine attacks the trio, and a nasty battle takes place.

When Najma tries to hit Kamala, she uses the bangle to protect herself. It somehow activates the power of the artifact, and in the next moment, she finds herself in the past, at the time of the partition where her great-grandmother Aisha used to live. At first, it was unclear whether Kamala was actually in the past or just seeing a vision. But the new episode of Ms. Marvel leaves no doubt that the power of the bangle can help Kamala Khan to time-travel.

Kamala’s grandmother, Sana, gets separated from her father, Hasan, while Aisha is stabbed to death by Najma. But before dying, Aisha tasks Kamala to reunite Sana with her father and also gives her a family photo. Now, back in the present, she gives that photo to her grandmother, which confirms that Kamala Khan didn’t merely see the visions of the past, but can actually time-travel.

Ms. Marvel’s power to stretch, expand, and deform herself also confirms her time-traveling abilities. Kamala is able to borrow mass from different versions of herself. So, on a molecular level, she time-travels while using her powers.

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