5 Most Iconic Moments From Death Note

These moments took our breath away.

March 21, 2022

Every scene from the series was breathtaking, but these were the most iconic moments from Death Note.

The majority of anime fans consider Death Note as the epitome of perfection, and indeed, it is no exaggeration. When it comes to storyline, Death Note set a bar in 2006 for the other anime series, and it still hasn’t been crossed yet. Death Note is so perfectly built that you don’t have any other choice but to accept it as one of the best anime series ever.

Right from the first episode to the thirty-seventh episode of the series, you get glued to Death Note. Each and every episode, each and every scene seems better than the previous one. Music, direction, animation, character development, storyline, Death Note has got what it takes to reach the pinnacle of perfection. It’s hard to handpick the best moments when the series is nothing but a compilation of it. Still, here are a few moments that totally blew our minds away.

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5. Light Getting Back His Memories

Light was such a master planner that he willingly forfeits the ownership of his Death Note and forgets about its memories. And he was dead sure that the notebook would return to him soon. He uses poor Higuchi for executing his plan, and he does what Light wants him to do. Despite not being aware that he himself is Kira, everything goes on exactly as Light planned.

After creating chaos getting the powers of Kira, Higuchi is finally under arrest. Soichiro Yagami touched the Death Note and freaked out to see Rem. Death Note is then taken to the helicopter where Light and L are sitting. L touches Death Note, and now he too can see Ryuk. In a moment, L realizes the game is not over yet. While L is busy in his thoughts, Light gets hold of the Death Note, getting back all his Kira memories. The scene is so well portrayed that it will literally give you goosebumps.

4. L Meeting Light

This scene shows us how audacious L actually is. Despite knowing that Kira can even kill people from a distance, L chooses to meet his prime suspect, Light, in person. The first time L and Light met each other was when the two gave the entrance exam for the university. Light thought of him as a weirdo, but he never knew that the same weirdo would top the exam with him and disclose himself as L.

If L is confronting Light, then it’s obvious that he has some big plan in his mind. L knew for sure that revealing himself to Light wouldn’t be a mistake. The moment L reveals his identity, Light starts to tremble, but he doesn’t have any other choice but to handle the situation calmly. He tells Light that his real name is Hideki Ryuga, and it would be great to take his help in the Kira case. L is such a mastermind that he chooses an alias that matches the name of the famous pop artist Hideki Ryuga. If Light accidentally pictures his face while writing the name, Hideki will die, confirming L’s suspicion of Light.

3. Mikami Writing Names In The Death Note

This scene is no less than a horror movie. Mikami is portrayed as a bit psycho who is deeply in love with his so-called God, “Kira.” Everyone is waiting for Mikami’s arrival, and finally, he arrives and peaks at everyone in the hall. This scene is so intense that you will start quaking in your boots. Red evil eyes of Mikami, background music and sound effects, Light being addressed as ‘God,’ fast moments of the camera, and not to forget Mikami’s tag line, Delete Delete Delete Delete. Not just it’s the best moment from Death Note, but never have we ever seen such an intense moment in anime history.

Watching Mikami getting all crazy and writing their names in the Death Note like a mad man, members of the task force get worried. Near then explains that there’s nothing to worry about as he has altered the original Death Note. Finally, Mikami is done with writing names, and he takes a sigh of relief, thinking he is able to save his God, Light Yagami.

2. L’s Death

Even the doomsday would feel less doomed than the time we all saw L’s death. It was the time in the show when a lot of Light fans turned against him, and L’s fans were like, to hell with this cat and mouse chase, shoot the damn boy, and end the series. Plenty of Death Note fans stopped watching the series after L’s death; yes, it was that disturbing.

L is talking to Watari, and the old man starts to stutter all of a sudden. Watari erases all the data, and L reveals that he gave orders to Watari to delete all the data in case anything happens to him. L understands the intensity of the situation but little did he know, he was the next one to die. The spoon starts to fall off from L’s hand, followed by L himself falling from the chair. At one point, it feels like Light regrets everything that’s happening. But when he is holding L in his arms, he grins at his face like he is telling him that he won in the end. Finally, the poor guy closes his eyes in the arms of his enemy.

1. Light Accepting He Is Kira

You can’t just expect Light to accept that he is Kira like a random guy. The scene had to be dramatic, and not just ordinarily dramatic; Light dramatic, and that’s what happened. To Light’s surprise, when no one dies after forty seconds have passed, his blood starts to run cold, and he still can’t believe he is finally losing this battle.

This scene has so much going on that words are not enough to describe it all. Near explaining how they replaced the notebook, Near talking to Shinigami, Mikami killing himself, Matsuda being furious on Light, Light calling for Misa and Takada for help, the whole scene is just more than perfect.

Finally, when Light realizes that it’s time to accept everything, he starts to laugh like a devil with his eyes gone all red. Even till last, he tries to kill everyone, and when he fails to write their names in the piece of Death Note, he starts to convince Madsuda for doing so. But now, it’s too late for anyone to fall for his false hopes of a better world.

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