Death Note Locations Are Inspired From The Real-Life Places: Here's The Proof

Death Note will always remain a legendary anime.

April 12, 2022

Here are some of the locations in Death Note that drew inspiration from real-life places.

If someone talks about the best anime, they are probably talking about Death Note. That’s the kind of standard this anime has set in the anime world. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that an anime made in 2006 was so impeccable that we are yet to see anything like that to this date.

Takeshi Obata is the illustrator of the Death Note manga, and Madhouse worked on its anime adaptation. And seemed like, they took inspiration for some of the locations in Death Note from the real-life places. All the scenes that resemble the real-life locations are either related to Ray Penber or his fiance, Naomi Misora. We know it’s hard to believe it, so here’s some proof.

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Death Note Locations Inspired From Real-Life Places

Before we start with the discussions about the scenes, here’s the video you need to check out to know about the real-life locations.

The first scene that we see in the video is where Naomi Misora discusses with Light, her discussion with her fiance about the Kira case. She tells that Ray told her that he was put into a situation where he had no option but to show his ID to someone. And the person who saw his ID is probably Kira. Now, Light is wondering that if she had spoken to the police before meeting her, he would have been caught.

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The next scene is from Death Note episode 5 where Light and Ryuk are waiting for Ray Penber’s arrival. While waiting for Ray, Light discusses with Ryuk regarding the new killing methods he is using to punish the criminals. He then says that he had learned a lot about the Death Note. For instance, if a name is written after writing the cause of death, the person will still die.

The next frame is when Light goes behind Ray Penber and admits that he is Kira. Light then proves his powers by killing a man at the coffee shop. If you look carefully, you will see “Lotteria” written on a board in the anime, the same as in real-life.

The next frame is about the discussion between Light and Naomi regarding the Kira case again. Light is finally able to convince Naomi that she can trust him. In order to access more information about her, Light tells her that he is currently working on the Kira case.

The next frame that we see is when Light tells Naomi that he is currently working with L, thus, he is part of the investigating team. He then asks Naomi if she would like to contribute to the case as well.

Here, Light is thinking that Naomi gave her an alias the first time he asked for her name. So it will be suspicious to ask for her name again. Naomi then says that she is going to the headquarters again to see if someone has been there or not.

In this scene, Light continues to have a conversation with Naomi, and then he suddenly asks her name. He says that they are talking for a long time and they don’t even know each other’s names. After that, Naomi gives him a fake name, calling herself Shoko Maki.

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