One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers Tease Shanks Arriving In Wano Country

Chapter 1054 of One Piece will reportedly reveal Ryokugyu's Devil Fruit.

July 18, 2022

After a month-long break, Eiichiro Oda is coming back with a new chapter of One Piece. Chapter 1054 will continue Monkey D. Luffy’s hunt for the mythical treasure; however, a popular character will arrive on the shores of the Wano Country to make things challenging for the Straw Hat Pirates.

In the previous One Piece chapters, we’ve seen Luffy’s ultimate battle against the Emperor of the seas, Kaido. Luffy and the rest of his crew successfully bring down Kaido and Big Mom, and the people of the Wano Country celebrate their freedom with a feast and fireworks. Since two Emperors have fallen at once, Luffy and Buggy the Clown become the new Emperors, taking the spots along with Shanks and Marshall D. Teach. Of course, Luffy taking the title of a Yonko was surprising for the entire community, but now, everyone is eager to see the Straw Hats’ Captain heading out for his new adventure.


Chapter 1054 of One Piece is still a few days away from its release, but fortunately, some early spoilers have come out to give us a glimpse of the upcoming events. According to the leaks, the next chapter is titled “Entei,” and it features the four new Emperors (Luffy, Shanks, Buggy, and Teach) in a color spread. Interestingly, the chapter will confirm that Ryokugyu has the Mori Mori No Mi Devil Fruit. We will also see Kaido’s daughter, Yamato, landing a blow on Aramaki’s head. Seemingly, Scabbards will start fighting Aramaki, and Yamato will join the fight; however, Momonosuke will step in to stop Yamato.

The chapter will then take us to the shores of the Wano Country, where we’ll see Shanks with his crew. They want to see Luffy, but Shanks wants to finish off Bartolomea first. Shanks also states that “It’s time to go for the One Piece.”

Sabo, the Emperor of the Flames, will also appear in Chapter 1054. Apparently, the news says that Sabo has killed Nefertari Cobra, but there’s a chance that the World Government has framed Sabo for the killing. Finally, at the end of the chapter, we see Akainu talking to a new character, Kurouma.

Of course, these spoilers may not be completely accurate, so it’s best to wait for Chapter 1054’s official release. One Piece will get the much-awaited chapter on Sunday, July 24th, 2022, and you can read the English version on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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