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Apex Legends Gaiden Event Release Date, Time, And Skins

A new limited-time mode and some anime-themed cosmetics will be available soon!

July 18, 2022

Apex Legends Gaiden event release time is just around the corner, but if you are not familiar with the content arriving with this event, we can guide you through it.

Running for two weeks, the Apex Legends Gaiden event will go live on July 19 and the release time is expected to be set for 10 am PT/1 pm ET/5 pm UTC/7 pm CEST. Gaiden and all its content will be available until August 2.

The new event’s content has been divided into two weeks, as each week contains its own challenge tier list, and by completing every challenge, you grab a new reward.


The rewards for the first week of Apex Legends Gaiden include Fuse’s Down Thunder Epic Skin, Bionic Buddy Gun Charm, Epic 3030 “Cloudburst” Skin. Containing 9 tiers of rewards, only three of them are pur cosmetic items, while the remaining ones only grant you in-game star points that will help you level up in Battle Pass.

Aside from the free challenge rewards, you can grab some cosmetics for a lower price as the in-game market will feature special offers during each week of the Gaiden event. Here is what you get for the first week:

Coming into the second week, the challenge rewards look somehow nerfed without any featured cosmetic rewards. That being said, you can earn a usual Apex Pack as well as a Gaiden Event Apex Pack by completing all tiers of Week 2. There is a new Holospray to grab more star points.

Finally, you can check out the special store offers for Week 2 here:

Going over the special event-themed skins, there will be a total of 40 new Gaiden-themed cosmetics available in the game, including anime-inspired outfits for Revenant, Mirage, Octane, and Wattson, which are companies by new weapon skins for Flatline, Wingman, EVA-8, and Charge Rifle.

For collectors who are planning to get all the Gaiden-themed skins, there is a special reward, which is Bangalore’s “Apex Commander” Prestige skin. Coming in 3 tiers, you will receive the Tier 1 of this incredible outfit as a reward, but you will then need to complete multiple challenges to unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 variants.

Last but not least, the Gaiden event will bring back the Armed and Dangerous limited-time mode to World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point. In this mode, players will only find Sniper Rifles and Shotguns as loot, which makes it a challenging experience if you have been leaned on too much on Assault Rifles recently.

Additionaly, the Gaiden event adds three new VTuber avatars based on the new event skins of Octane, Mirage, and Bangalore.

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