Splatoon 3 Receives Special Edition OLED Switch, Releasing This August

Violet, vert et Jaune new killer aesthetic

July 6, 2022

Nintendo released a new trailer earlier today (July 6th), announcing a new iteration of the Switch OLED, and labelling it as the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Splatoon 3 Edition.

To celebrate the launch of Splatoon 3, Nintendo will be releasing a special edition OLED Switch Model. The new console rocks a Violet, vert et Jaune Joy-Con aesthetic (Purple, Green, and Yellow), to match the theme of Nintendo’s upcoming shooter game, Splatoon 3.

Launching on August 26th, the new console will arrive just in time for the release of the new Splatoon, which is set to arrive two weeks later on September 9th.


Alongside the announcement of the new Switch OLED Splatoon Edition, Nintendo of America has also announced the release of a Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and a Splatoon-themed Carrying Case, both arriving on September 9th, complementing the full package.

Retailers will be selling the new Nintendo Switch OLED – Splatoon 3 Edition for $359.99 USD, whilst the new Pro Controller will retail at $74.99 USD, and the Carrying Case at $24.99 USD. Unfortunately, the special edition console doesn’t come with a copy of Splatoon 3, which means you’ll need to pre-order a copy for $59.99 USD.

If you plan on upgrading your Switch to the new OLED model, there are a plethora of new features available. A vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a built-in kickstand, 64GB of storage, enhanced sound output, and more.

Although the OLED version of the Switch is a great upgrade, fans are still patiently waiting for a Switch Pro announcement. Nintendo refuses to comment on any ongoing rumors regarding a new console. However, they keep ensuring fans that they are always developing new hardware and software and that they intend to keep up with the revolutions currently ongoing in the industry, such as Cloud Support, among other things.

Mohamed Hassan

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