RPG Developer Bakin Confirms Steam 2022 Release

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July 8, 2022

SmileBoom Co, best known for their “Petit Computer” series, announced today (July 8th, 2022) that it will release “RPG Developer Bakin” software for RPG production on Steam within 2022. The Steam Page and The Official Website are now open. However, the price is still to be confirmed by the developers.

“RPG Developer Bakin” is presented as a “no-code” development tool. It allows game creation without knowledge of programming languages such as C++ or JAVA. A Map Editor is provided to easily create high-quality maps and terrains with day/night cycles, and screen/weather effects such as lighting, fog, and depth of focus. Turn your dream world into a game with both convenient and advanced functions such as Event Editor, Event Templates, and Database Function.


An “Event Editor” allows users to create story events by simply arranging panels with various functions, like a video game. Users can also set up and use premade “Event Templates” for necessary or frequently used events. A database function in RPG Developer Bakin allows you to finely set the status of the characters, and advanced screen effects settings allow you to change the landscape and other factors.

With the included Camera and Animation tools, as well as graphics, sounds, effects, etc. You can start making your game right away. (More will be added later to RPG Developer Bakin as Free DLC.)

No programming skills are required. You can make a picture or a sound or a branching choice with the click of a button. There are even scripted events for frequent use such as “Moving between Maps” and “Getting Items from Treasure Chests.”. RPG Developer Bakin is completely made with the players in mind so they can prioritize game development first before anything else.

Smile Boom Co., founded by Takaki Kobayashi in 2008, continues its motto of creating “Fun Games” and “Tools for future creators”. “RPG Developer Bakin” is scheduled to be released as an Early Access version first, in order to polish the tool to perfection. Subscription to the wishlist on the Steam store page is also now available, and players can follow the game updates on the official website and Twitter account.

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed (He/Him) from Egypt is Interested in gaming as a storytelling medium and how it can give shape to new emotions and life lessons. He is currently learning the Japanese language and is interested on learning more about the Japanese culture and other cultures and how they are represented in gaming. Also a Long term fan of JRPGs, Indie games and VIsual Novels.

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