ALARA Prime: 3 Team Tactical FPS Announced With Pre-Alpha Test

Former Studio DICE veterans make a comeback.

July 9, 2022

Level Infinite Publisher has announced that ALARA Prime, a free-to-play competitive shooter developed by Swedish developer Fall Damage Studio, will be released in 2023. A Pre-Alpha test for the EU region will begin on July 15, 2022, with the ability to claim a free key via the newly opened official website.

Fall Damage Studio was founded in 2016 by four industry veterans from DICE. Markus Nyström, one of the original four founders of DICE joined forces with Anders Gyllenberg, Mikael Kalms, and Dan Vaderlind and set out to create a new gaming studio in the heart of Stockholm. Today, the studio is a 60+ person strong force of dedicated game developers. ALARA Prime will be the team’s first competitive 4vs4vs4 shooter.


The game is best described as a Tactical First Person PVP shooter in which players are divided into three teams of four players each. Players will have the ability to choose their preferred class, utilize gadgets and surroundings and work together to claim victory. The gameplay mode that will be available in the Pre-Alpha is called Transmission Mode. Like the control mode of other shooters, each team will compete over the control of an Uplink. One team will be playing the role of a defender, while the others attack them, and the defender’s role will change with each passing round.

On launch, four classes in ALARA Prime will be available: Assault, Infiltrator, Support, and Engineer. The class you choose will of course have a significant effect on how you play the game. There are also a variety of weapons to match your play style with your preferred class such as Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Pistols, and Heavy Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles. There are also more than 20 different gadgets to accompany your arsenal, divided into five categories: intelligence, infiltration, support, offense, and defense. Each class also offers some unique gadgets.

In the pre-alpha test, ALARA Prime testers will be able to play the Transmission mode in the only available “Power Plant” Map, using 13 different weapons and 22 different gadgets. More content is in the process of development or planned to be added in the future such as Ranked Matches, Customization, more maps, and weapons. According to the press release: the studio is hosting the Pre-Alpha Technical Test for EU residents next week on July 15, 16, and 17, 2022, between 19:00 CEST and 22:00 CEST on Steam (Windows PC).

Two trailers accompanied the ALARA Prime announcement. A Teaser Trailer and Gameplay Trailer. In addition, links were provided for the Pre-Alpha sign-up page on the official website, and multiple social media outlets have also opened. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch. There is also a discord for discussion. The pre-alpha test will be expanded to more regions in the future, so it may eventually become playable in the USA soon.

Mohamed Hassan

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