Monster Hunter Rise Players To Receive Elgado Pack 3 Tomorrow

Celebrating success with more freebies

July 13, 2022

In commemoration of the worldwide sales of ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ reaching 3 million units worldwide, the item pack ‘Elgado Pack 3’ will be distributed on Thursday, July 14th to all players. ‘Elgado Pack 1’ and ‘Elgado Pack 2’ are already being distributed in celebration of the original game ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ breaking 10 million in sales around the world.

Monster Hunter Rise, the new hunting expedition iconic franchise was developed and published by Capcom for Nintendo Switch in March 2021, and later for Windows PC. The new title retained many of the new conventions established in Monster Hunter World, while introducing new features and mechanics such as the Palamute animal companion and the traversal wirebugs. A major paid expansion called Sunbreak was released on June 30, 2022, and included a plethora of new monsters, quests, weapons, hunting areas, and story elements.


Last week, Capcom celebrated the two million sales milestone of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak by releasing 2 Elgado Packs, containing a variety of helpful items for all users to enjoy. The first pack contained 10 ancient potions, 20 Dango tickets, 20 dash juices, 5 heavy armor spheres, and 5 silver eggs. The second one had 50 mega potions, 30 well-done steaks, 20 large barrel bombs, 10 mega demon drugs and 10 mega armor skins. It is yet unknown what the third pack will contain, but the items should not be any different from the previous consumable types.

According to Capcom’s new press release, there has been a large positive reception of the new Sunbreak content. It also states the company was dedicated to the global promotion of Monster Hunter Rise through events like Capcom Showcase and the release of game demos. All of this helped in shaping the number they have achieved. Capcom reassures players that it aims to continue growing sales over a long term, starting with a free upcoming update in August, among many other future updates.

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