The Rumble Fish Fighting Series Is Releasing Worldwide This Winter

Contains a unique gauge system for attack and defense

July 14, 2022

3goo announced confirmed on July 14th that it will release a console version of the fighting game series ‘The Rumble Fish’ in Winter 2022.

The Rumble Fish is a 2D Fighting game by dimps, which first appeared on Arcade machines in 2004, and gained popularity back then with its smooth 2D presentation using the original S.M.A (Smooth Model Animation, and a system that utilizes separate gauges for attack and defense).

The Rumble Fish 2 inherited all the original elements from the first entry, but further broke the Offense/Defense gauges into three sections each, allowing for more usage of Attack and Defense arts, as well as techniques that are tied to each gauge. They also included the ‘Boost Dive’, a powered-up state for each character that is suited to his style, in addition to new moves and characters.


The premise of Rumble Fish revolves around a large-scale natural disaster that struck the eastern area of a country at the end of the 20th century, and obliterated its economic centre and high-rise buildings, resulting in a massive loss of over 150,000 lives.

The main story happens at the beginning of the 21st century, when a joint venture, PROBE-NEXUS began a reconstruction project in that area and turned into a huge mega-corporate city with vast assets and cutting-edge technology. This in turn caused the western slums to become undeveloped, creating an entire underworld with various fighting and assassin organizations.

According to Takashi Nishiyama, CEO of Dimps, Rumble Fish might sound a bit retro by today’s standards, but 20 years ago it was a very ambitious project with the constraints they had, and they went far with the ideas they had for visual expression. He intends for this rerelease to open up new possibilities for the series. 3goo president Nicolas Di Costanzo adds that they are very happy to deliver this unknown masterpiece to the world and that they have incorporated various fighting game systems that made the series all the rage in the Arcades back then.

Mohamed Hassan

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