Tainted Grail: The Fall Of Avalon Has A New Trailer And Release Window

Early access opens this winter

July 16, 2022

The latest cinematic trailer for ‘Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon’, an Open World RPG currently in development for PC by Polish game developer Awaken Realms was released on June 15th. A new release window targeting Q4 2022 was also revealed for the early access version at the end of the trailer.

Awakened Realms Digital is a game company and subsidiary of Awakened Realms, which is an initiative to extend its projects into the video game industry. Awakened Realms started as a miniature painting studio, but it was able to use its passion and constant inspiration to become a professional board game publisher and creator of several Kickstarter hits such as This War of Mine: The Board Game, Lords of Hellas, Nemesis, Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon and Etherfields.


Tainted Grail, the board game was released in 2019. It takes players on a journey through a grim land based on Arthurian legends and Celtic Mythology. The story acts are set apart by many years, revealing the long-term consequences of your actions and choices. Based on such a board game, the PC game follows the same premise of creating an RPG story about warriors who land on an island in pursuit of King Arthur, who realized his time of death and is headed for the island of Avalon.

The island is however surrounded by Wyrdness, a mysterious fog that bends and deforms everything, causing conflicts, starvation, sickness, violent weather, and all kinds of random incidents and struggles. As per the rules of the Tainted Grail board game, players will be tested in both combat and non-combat encounters, and there are many options you can use to traverse the world in the way you feel best. The new trailer and the previous one strictly show the atmosphere of the game and nothing more at this point.

Having a release window though means Tainted Grail development has progressed far enough. Also, the Steam description reassures fans that the island of Avalon is built as a vast open world with a very high degree of freedom and a non-linear storyline, which is faithful enough to the original board game inspiration. Currently, there is a Steam page open and a Discord server so players can engage with the community and learn more about the game. The game is intended to have full English language support for voices and text, but no other languages have been announced so far.

Mohamed Hassan

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