Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale Is Coming To Steam In 2023

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July 19, 2022

Happinet has announced that it will release Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale, a 90s-inspired hand-drawn game developed by indie Hong Kong studio Quillo Entertainment on PC in the summer of 2023. A demo prologue is now available to play for free on Steam, whilst an official trailer has also been released.

Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale is a 2D action-adventure game that tells the story of Mai, a girl who has lost her memory, and is searching for a way to go home while going back and forth between the fantasy world and the dark world. In the fantasy world, players can enjoy humorous conversations and puzzles with many unique and bizarre animals. The dark world, on the other hand, challenges players to solve several mysteries and battle bosses in rhythm-like games.


‘Apopia’ is a combination of the words ‘Apocalypse’ (The End of the World) and ‘Utopia’ (The Ideal World), and it represents Mai’s crawling up from despair in pursuit of an ideal. Through puzzle solving, collecting clues, and other fun mini-games, players will be able to open the hearts of the dark world inhabitants, resolve everything and then find the way home. A trial version of this experience is also now available where players can get a glimpse of this surreal experience.

in Apopia: Prologue, Mai will get lost in the rabbit kingdom of Yogurt. In this strange country, she meets a cheeky cat who knows the way home. While accompanying her new friend. Mai faces various encounters, riddles, and challenges. There is also a short animation movie that depicts the events before the prologue version of the story called Apopia: The Broken Crown. It explains the reason why the character Molly was kicked out of the castle, and It’s very important to watch this movie before trying out the game.

Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale (Japanese Title: Apopia: Sweet Nightmare) is releasing in Summer 2023 on Steam with support for nine languages including English.

Mohamed Hassan

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