Dying Light 2's First Story DLC Could Be Gladiator Themed

Audio dialogue, 3D models, and more were datamined from the latest Dying Light 2 patch

July 19, 2022

Dying Light 2’s first major piece of story DLC could be themed around Gladiators after various assets were discovered via the in-game files.

Following a recent patch update back in June, data miners managed to dig up some files with plenty of visual and audio assets. Although it’s not certain what these assets are for, it’s highly likely that the models and dialogue are for an upcoming DLC pack.

Previously, Techland announced that they are aiming to release the first piece of Dying Light 2 DLC in September. The team also confirmed that they will continue to support Dying Light 2 for the next 5 years with new content.


As showcased in a video by YouTuber Bub, and spotted by a user on Reddit, a large number of assets have been discovered in the Dying Light 2 files which look to be for the game’s upcoming DLC pack.

The data mined files show the dialogue for the rumoured DLC before an unfinished cutscene begins and lands Aiden outside of a large opera house. The video then goes on to showcase a more detailed version of the opera house, where the DLC will reportedly take place.

According to the data miner, the Opera Astrid is the largest battle arena in town, but fighters must first work their way up in smaller “city arenas” to become the ultimate opera gladiators. The story for the new Dying Light 2 DLC will reportedly also include two different endings. Fans can check out what the arena looks like on the inside, as well as details on all of the new characters and dialogue in Bub’s YouTube video.

However, we do recommend you take these details with a grain of salt, as no official details have been shared by Techland at the time of writing. Plans can often change behind the scenes before release, which means it’s possible that these data mined files aren’t actually for an upcoming DLC.

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